If you can draw it AresCo can make it (in Fiberglass)

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AresCo Europe specialises in the production of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) components.

We are a reliable sub-contractor that produces components under private label for companies across many sectors that need fiberglass solutions but don't have the in-house expertise or the production capacity to do it themselves.

We built our expertise in the exciting and demanding world of motorcycle racing as AresCo manufactures high quality fairings, seat units, fenders, fuel tank covers and other parts for motorcycles of many different brands. You can purchase them directly in our dedicated webstore (button below):

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What is Fiberglass?

Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester, GRP or fiberglass, is a composite material that can be moulded in all kinds of simple and complex shapes.

It is very lightweight, strong, versatile and low cost. It's used as an alternative material for wood, metal, PVC and other plastics to manufacture durable products in many industries.

AresCo produces bodywork parts for cars and motorcycles, front spoilers for trailers, housings for lit signalisation panels, shower plates and whatever other solutions our private label customers need..

Why customers choose AresCo Europe

Fiberglass manufacturing is quite a labour intensive process that requires specific know how and expertise, a purpose built workshop and purpose built production moulds.

AresCo's technical team has many years of experience in the fiberglass industry and in our fully equipped facilities we are able to manufacture high quality components in small or large quantities.

Our company philosophy is driven by three focus points: finish- and fitment quality, customer friendliness and standard pricing. We always offer satisfaction guarantee: if for some reason a customer is unhappy with the product we'll take it back and give a full refund.


Questions or suggestions? We are happy to hear from you and love to help. Contact us:

Mail: aresco.europe@gmail.com

Call + Whatsapp: +39 349 871 6114

Very high quality and fast delivery

Mario M. (motorcycle customer)

AresCo's customer service is second to none

Dirk A. (private label customer)

Stunning product quality and a pleasure to do business with

Reinoud T. (spare parts distributor)

Fairing kits for the Honda RC45

Bumper and wing set for BMW 1-series race car

Signalisation panels 70 X 70 cm

Design piano

Car trailer front spoiler

Signalisation panel 120 x 70 cm